CUPE Fraser Valley District Council

Serving members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees
in the Fraser Valley since 1963

President's Message

September 17, 2008

I would like to welcome visitors, delegates, and Local members to the Fraser Valley District Council (FVDC) website.

Well it has been some time since our website has been updated...but here it is.  An update. What is imperative is that the website once again become the medium in which the members of the District Council will visit first to find out about meeting dates and times, content of said meetings, the projects and/issues the FVDC is dealing with.

Visitor Information

For visitors to our website who are unaware of who the FVDC is, I should explain.  

The FVDC is a Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) organization, and is an amalgam of affiliated CUPE Locals.  Many of these Locals represent workers in the Municipal, Library, Education, animal protection (BC SPCA), Paramedic, and Social Service sectors.  There are presently six (6) District Councils representing different regions in British Columbia.  

The FVDC represents over approximately 5000 CUPE members working and living in the Fraser Valley.  Our members work hard to secure delivery of important public services in the Fraser Valley.  Members take great pride in making sure the public receive good value for their well-earned tax dollars.  

Please learn more about us under the Who we are header or check out some the sites we have under our Links section for information on other labour organizations.  

FVDC Delegate Information

To the delegates and locals affiliated to the FVDC, welcome.  I would like to commend you for volunteering to represent your Locals on the FVDC and thank you for your continued support of me as President.

I believe it important that we become more involved in our communities, improve communications amongst the different executives in the region and become a more proactive and forward looking council.

Of greatest importance, is delegate participation on the FVDC.  I believe participation within the FVDC needs to improve for us to remain relevant.  I understand many of us hold leadership positions which carry with them vast responsibilities.  But these responsibilities should not dissuade us from coming together as a Council to discover new ways in improving the labour movement in the valley.

With the possible additions of a few more CUPE locals to the FVDC within the coming months I believe this will help reinvigorate the council.  I also hope those delegates who have taken a lesser interest over the past year will find it in themselves to come back and help us reinvigorate the council.

The Fraser Valley is rapidly growing and the labour movement - in particular CUPE - need to maintain a strong voice within our respective communities.  We need to be inventive in developing ideas that will strengthen our District Council and member Locals.  I believe the FVDC along with CUPE BC and CUPE National need to take a more pro-active role in developing a relationship with citizens old and new who reside in the Fraser Valley

I sincerely believe with your help over the next year we can realize an improvement in this area and more.  

In solidarity,

Paul Albrecht
President, FVDC